Meet an Extraordinary #EmpireKred Leader – Kevin Green

Kevin Green


#EmpireKred is all about Community.  Lots of us volunteer time and energy to help other members feel supported and welcomed.  Lots of us support the site during events and by buying upgrades and other items when we can.

Kevin Green not only supports the community and the site, but he has been an “Angel” to many by spearheading campaigns to fund sponsorships to help others buy the Leadership upgrade.  This not only helped people who would not otherwise be able to afford even half the cost, but it helped every one who was already a Leader due to the bonuses that we given out for reaching membership goals!

There is a fine line between thanking someone enough, and embarrassing them.  I am not really sure where that line is!

I hope that after this, Kevin will feel warmly appreciated.

Link with him on Social Media.  He has brilliant posts everywhere.

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Say THANK YOU for being an amazing human being…..

Social Media – Photo credit  Art4TheGlryOfGod via   CC BY ND


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