Spelling, so many are BAD at it!!



Thank God for the Internet!

Thank God for Spelling Check (as long as you look at it to make sure it decided on the right word!).

No matter how smart you are, you are judged by the mistakes that you make.  Typos, spelling errors, and everything else you can think of.

In the “old days”, we had to have a dictionary close at hand.  Many important people depended on their secretaries to make them look smart by correctly spelling their dictation, correspondence, or even books that they wrote.

This article shares famous authors in history with chronic spelling problems!


This post shows the most often word for each state that people have trouble spelling!


And, this video shares information on Learning Disabilities, Spelling, and more.

The moral of the story is –

Use tools to help you look smart and professional when you write.  Having someone else read over your draft is always a good idea.  We tend to be blind to our own mistakes anyway.

Never send anything without double checking the automatic spelling checker.

Make best friends with an English Teacher or a good book editor!

And, if you make a mistake.  Just fix it and move on.  Nobody is perfect!


Photo: Hard to do couple selfies!  LOL

Bruce and Sally Witt


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