The Empire Strikes!

Post from a great new friend on #emmpirekred – join us!


I stumbled onto this social platform just days ago when I saw the names of some of my favorite Network Marketing Gurus in it’s membership! (Thanks: Randy Gage, Art Jonak, and Orrin Woodward!)

At first blush….Empire.Kred looked like a glorified game that promised to steal precious time away from my IPA’s.   With the sound advice to “Kill Distractions” ringing in my ears….I took a day to explore and see why these well known leaders would be involved in what seemed to be a frivolous activity.

Good Move, Fieth!!!  I don’t always have good instincts…in fact…I’ve become a fairly good expert on Failing Forward as I re-invent my retirement ventures!   However, the goldmine here is…’s members!

Like many Network Marketing Professionals, I have struggled the past year to bridge the gap between my warm and cold markets….realizing that it takes time, creativity, and powerful intention to understand how to grow…

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