Why Should You Join #EmpireKred NOW??? November is exciting!!

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My favorite place to hang out has been the Empire for MANY years.  No place is perfect, but the site was purchased this year by the company PeopleBrowser out of Australia, that owns KRED.  The changes are exciting!

#EmpireKred is completely FREE to join and play.  If you are really interested in boosting your effective Social Media experience, there are upgrades and special programs if you choose to add them.

We have a new design, new functions, nearly 24/7 moderation, great responsive customer service and the FUN is back even greater.

This month, November 2015 has lots of great programs and events.  We are building the Empire.  Join for FREE at #empirekred


You have the chance to earn great prizes by blogging, making a video, and/or sharing other people’s entries.  Fun for all.

#EmpireKred believes that we ALL have some Social Media online Influence, even if you are brand new!  You can learn and share and get recognition for what you do.


welcome wagon

If you are new, join the Welcome Wagon community!  Welcome Wagon Community We have a safe place to ask questions, learn, and make contacts.  There is a large group of us that look out for new members, and help them out.

There are lots of other communities for all types of interests and technical info.

so me graphic

Photo credit: socialautomotive / Foter.com / CC BY

Events and Parties


Members and Volunteers run wonderful events and parties for everyone.

A few times a year we have a huge event called [X]Pendapalooza.  Here is the announcemnt for this month.


[X]Pendapalooza EIGHTEEN (18) will take place from Friday November 20, 2015 1000am E.S.T. to Monday November 23, 2015 at 1000am E.S.T. Here is link to join group:https://www.empire.kred/community/page/discuss?c=4667
Consult and compare local start and end times here:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
This is the 1st time event is being held for 72 HOURS! Questions? Send private message to (e)EDUPRENEUR http://bit.ly/1KUgvEV on Empire Kred.

Full Moon refill skw

#FullMoonEngageMe is a great event every month.  Members buy extra shares in each other and share links and fun.  (e)desdaughter leads us every month in this party.

Info for this month –

November 25-29 2015 ► Full Frost Moon 20th #FullMoonEngageMe

DES Daughter Network — WELCOME TO ALL !
* Check the FAQs ► http://wp.me/p1zQ5v-2PB
* [Recent Joiners] may join http://empire.kred/community/EAvEngageMe and get exclusive free eaves missions ► http://empire.kred/community/page/missions?c=4223
1. In this thread/stream ► add your comment, a joke, quote, something of interest, or just your ticker name
* Up to once per day: it’s okay to add “daily checkpoints”, “moon markers”, replies and not be serious…
* Up to once per day: it’s okay to post the link to your mission(s) URL if they include free eaves and/or are free invests – ex: http://empire.kred/missions?u=DESdaughter . You can also mention your “focus” for this particular event – ex: add your favorite network/link URL.
2. Visit profiles: ► please invest some shares in ALL participants (unless you are already maxed-out).
* Consider posting a friendly shout.and/or connecting many social networks with each participant.

Limited Offer -The LEADER’s Program!!

$2,000 of in-game benefits on sale for up to 95% off in the SHOP

For a short time, an amazing program was available called the Leader’s program.  It is now available again for sale for a limited time!!

Here is what Sir Rudiger says!!

The Leaders Community is OPEN for a limited time. RUN, SKIP, JUMP to the shop and pick up the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade – $2,000 value for up to 95% off.


1) THE COMMUNITY. Sure, you may already be friends with some of the top players and social media leaders who belong to Empire Avenue leaders. Joining leaders BUILDS AND STRENGTHENS those relationships. You can work together on projects, or simply work to support each other around the web.

2) THE NETWORKING. I call it #LEADERPOWER. We all earn double dividends on each other’s stock, so we’re naturally inclined to help every leader succeed. Some say it’s like the early days of Empire Avenue.

3) LEADER CONNECT. Special threads help leaders find each other all around the web, so they can connect and help each other on every platform.

4) THE MISSION BONUSES. As a leader, you get a bonus on every mission run by another leader – and they get a mission on yours. You know what that means? Yup. Leaders do each other’s missions first. Other communities do the same thing, but leaders include some of the top players in the game.

5) THE DOUBLE DIVIDENDS. If you joined in the past few years, this is reason enough to join. And, if you joined earlier and are sitting on a big pile of golden acorns like I am… well, what happens when the game grows? If you want to keep your lead, double dividends are key. (NEW PLAYERS grow almost twice as fast with double dividends!)

6) PIE, PIE, AND MORE PIE. When you join, you immediately get all the pie up to 4,600. Leaders have been told to expect a 2 pie advantage moving forward. That gives you a big lead on buying top stocks.

7) THE LEADER SHOP. Leaders enjoy sale prices on just about everything during flash sales. That means you get $2,000 in benefits today PLUS you’ll save on every item moving forward. (Just last week eaves were on sale for 5 million for just $15. Snooze you lose.) It’s an incredible opportunity to up your game.

8) EVEN MORE DESSERTS. You’ll get 500 when you join, sometimes get them as gifts, and can always pick them up at a big discount in the Leader Shop. These let you buy a bonus 200 in your favorite player’s stock.

9) THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHAPE THE FUTURE. Before the sale, Leaders banded together to manage and save the site. Today, we have new owners who are committed to building Empire.Kred. They have staff and programmers to do the heavy lifting, but leaders provide feedback and have the opportunity to suggest, organize, or even manage events. Volunteer with fellow leaders to keep the fun going – and forge deeper connections, too.

10) FUN, FUN, and MORE FUN. Leaders brought you the Summer of Fun, PieFest, Mission Mania, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Secret Santa, Moon Pies, the Build YOUR Empire contests, and much more.


#11) MILESTONE REWARDS. Your leader benefits don’t stop when you join. When leaders hit 1,100 members, we ALL get rewarded! Prizes aren’t announced yet… past milestones have included eaves, Even More Desserts, quadruple dividends, portfolio upgrades and more.

#12) You spend more for one night out than you’ll spend for this incredible package of game benefits. Order pizza in one night instead of heading out for dinner, drinks, dancing and you’ve more than paid for this game boost that supercharges your account.

(It’s pre-sale, so ignore the deadlines and references to Empire Avenue. The Empire.Kred package is the exact same package they love — and you can buy it right now.


YOUR MISSION IS SIMPLY TO READ THIS POST. I hope you decide to join Leaders while the doors are once again open, but that, of course, is completely optional. You CAN play Empire.Kred without spending a dime — thanks to the contributions of players who do buy game benefits, including the leader’s package.

ALREADY A LEADER? I hope you’ll share this mission with your friends. Friends don’t let friends miss the chance to join the Leaders.

2012-05-20 19.21.19

Bruce and Sally K Witt –

We want to help you reach YOUR dreams and goals for income online! We think that Working @ Home is the SMART way to success!

Play #empirekred with us! Social Media game.


List of connections –




blog! http://earnmoremoneymoney.com

FREE Coaching and support when you join our programs using our links. **


I am just as concerned with social change, the environment, protecting animals, and so much more. I think that if I write about great information, then you will contact me if you want to do business together!

We love EmpireKred!!

Bruce and Sally Witt
Are you ready to change your life forever for the better?
Blog http://earnmoremoneymoney.com/
Free coaching/support/training when you are “under us”.
Free and Low Cost income programs available.

IBO TOOLBOX http://www.ibosocial.com/sallykwitt
All my social networks can be found on Xeeme (now appearoo)!


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