Free Help with Resumes and Job Hunting!

photo credit: resume art via photopin (license)

Is your job hunt going well?

I know two people that will give you valuable help for free in preparing a killer resume, and getting it to the people that need to see it!

1.  Richard Townsend

See his business Facebook page at

Richard Townsend is a wonderful consultant and has a lot of great free resources on his website for you to use-  


2.  Phil Rosenberg, President of reCareered – Phil runs free webinars frequently to help give great advice to people on getting a new job much quicker!

Phil Rosenberg, President: Phil Rosenberg is President of reCareered, the web’s central hub for job search advice. Phil runs the Career Central group (, one of Linkedin’s largest groups for job seekers. Phil has also built one of the 20 largest global networks on Linkedin, as well as large Facebook and Twitter audiences. An active blogger about social media and career change, Phil’s articles have been republished/featured by Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fox News, AOL, FastCompany, CIO, ZDnet, The Examiner, and the leading job/career/recruiting sites. Phil can be contacted at

Good Luck!

I am just as concerned with social change, the environment, protecting animals, and so much more. I think that if I write about great information, then you will contact me if you want to do business together!


Free coaching/support/training if you sign up under us on one or more programs!

If you are motivated and willing to do the work, we will help you!

Free and Low Cost income programs available.

Questions? send email to


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9 thoughts on “Free Help with Resumes and Job Hunting!

  1. Thankfully I am now semi retired but this is good just in case I decide to get back into the work force after a while! I also know some young people who could really use this help.

  2. Great resource to keep in mind! I often try to help people with resumes but I’m not a professional in the field. It would be better to pass them on to consultants who understand this inside out.

  3. That is great they give the advice without charging. There are so many people that need to find jobs so being able to have your resume stand out is important.

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