High Blood Sugar? Diabetes tips

photo from http://images.medicinenet.com/images/slideshow/type2diabetes-s17-athletic-woman-checking-glucose.jpg

I have diabetes and do not do that well controlling it.myself.  Reading articles helps keep me motivated to do the right things, so I thought I would share some good ones!

This is a good overall post/slideshow on symptoms and guidelines for controlling blood sugars.


image from http://db33e3i4bc7pr.cloudfront.net/image_assets/diabeticconnect/000/031/726/1000×550.jpg

Morning high blood sugar is a problem for me.  This post shares some info on why it can be higher in the morning.


This video explains what it feels like to have diabetes.

photo from http://db33e3i4bc7pr.cloudfront.net/image_assets/diabeticconnect/000/031/742/1000×550.jpg

This post gives us 3 things to remember that can help lower blood sugar when it is too high.  Most people know to give you juice or a candy if it goes too low, but have no idea what to do if it goes too high!


I hope that this posts helps someone!


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