Money isn’t everything, you know, really

I am going through a lot of thinking lately.  Having lost my Mom right before Christmas, and having my Dad in home hospice now, so many thoughts and memories are swirling in my mind every day.

Yes, I want to make money online.  Yes, I love to help others learn about using the internet and using programs to help their families.

BUT, if I have to choose between spending time holding my Dad’s hand and watching an old movie – or placing ads for new business.  I need to choose family.

If I can help people make money, and have balance in their lives, then I am doing something worthwhile.

We NEVER know how much time we will have with people that we love.  It doesn’t matter how young or old they are, or how healthy we feel.  Life can change on a “dime”.

Remember to make memories with your children, grandchildren, spouse, and friends.  Give love to your parents and other relatives.

Keeping life in balance with spiritual and relationship needs, your health, and work/earning, is so important.

Have a great year!!



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