Deep Sea Research Discovery Ocean Life with Videos!

New research was shared in the Huffington Post.  A new fish was discovered deeper than any other fish.

Eerie, transparent fish and supergiant crustaceans were filmed swimming 8,145 meters deep — about 5 miles down — in the Mariana Trench earlier this month. It’s the deepest anyone has ever seen a fish, breaking the previous record from 2008 bynearly 500 meters.

The strange-looking fish appears to be a whole new species.

 “This really deep fish did not look like anything we had seen before, nor does it look like anything we know of,” said research team member Alan Jamieson of the University of Aberdeen, in a statement. “It is unbelievably fragile, with large wing-like fins and a head resembling a cartoon dog.”

I love the oceans, and care about all the sea life.  We still have so much to learn and discover in the deeper ocean.  To understand our world, we need to understand the oceans.


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