Cookie Season!!

I love the Food Network and the shows that they show on their additional channels as well!

I wanted to share the spirit of the season with some American and International recipes.  The Food Network is a great place to find traditional as well as unusual versions of food that you love.  It is also a place to find things that are completely new – created by amazing chefs.

Some communities have Cookie exchanges, so that each person can have a variety of cookies for their home without having to bake a lot of different cookies.
Here is advice from Martha Stewart on having a “Cookie Swap”!

There are probably an amazing number of variations on the way people run an event for sharing cookies.  If you are not familiar with the “rules” in your area – ask someone!

Orange Sable Cookies from Martha Stewart! See recipe at|/274662/favorite-cookie-swap-recipes/@center/276951/christmas-cookies|354125

Trisha Yearwood’s sugar cookies from

Iced Sugar Cookies from Trisha Yearwood
 There are so many wonderful and magical treats to share for the Christmas season.  What do you love to share?

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