Pigmentally Challenged, or: Sometimes I’m Glad My Father Died

This is a long post by my friend John, but really worth reading!

John Edward Lawson

Dear Internet: you look like a thug. Dear Internet: you look like a thug.

My father died of pancreatitis ten years ago this month. His death was sudden, and devastating, and heading into the holidays this season I was unsure how I’d feel.

Now I imagine him after the rise of social media as an 82-year-old. I envision him not only confronted by the coverage of the Ferguson verdict, but the Internet response which proves just how insular and unchallenged certain groups can be in our contemporary United States. I say “can be” because clearly not all people are exhibiting problematic behavior.

That said, my father endured a lot for showing up outside his home with dark skin, and as a pacifist who loved humanity despite his struggles the pain he would feel seeing the casual and instant dismissive belligerence, it’s hard to fathom.

Fact check: I haven’t examined the evidence presented to the jury in the…

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