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Bev Austin, my friend from IBO Toolbox

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Bev inspires me with her great posts.  This is one of the PR’s or blog posts that she did a few days ago on IBO Toolbox, and I thought it was great!

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Law of Association – The Dinner Party Test

birds of a feather

I’m sure you have heard the enduring expression ‘birds of a feather flock together.’Apparently this expression was conceived by Plato but believed to be translated by William Turner in approximately 1545. Today our understanding of this expression has not strayed too far from the original meaning. In simplistic terms it refers to ‘like attracting like.’ It is the meeting of minds, a similarity of characteristics in background, outlook and interests. We can find variations of this expression in the form of numerous quotes.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  -Jim Rohn

Your ‘network’ determines your ‘net-worth’. Surround yourself with good people – unknown

I am reminded of a online audio broadcast I listened to a few years ago. The person giving the talk was a very successful Internet Marketer who had typically started with nothing in the way of good fortune but had managed to create phenomenal success in his online business. Much of this success he attributed to his association with other successful people (like attracts like) and in the company of these successful people he would happily speak of his goals and dreams, no matter how big or outrageous, knowing it would be met with love and encouragement to do more and be more.

Successful people like to win and be in the company of winners. But a winning attitude is not welcomed in all circles and the example of a dinner party scenario was used to prove the point. I will attempt to recreate this scenario for you and hopefully do justice to powerful message I learned back then.

The Dinner Party Test

dinner party

Imagine you are at a dinner party with your nearest and dearest, close friends of old and family you love and care for. The atmosphere is pleasant with banter, laughter and good cheer. As the meal draws to an end and conversation is hushed the mood becomes more reflective. It is at this point that a dear friend stands up with glass in hand to propose a toast.

a toast

“It’s been a great evening sharing with you all, until we meet again! Cheers! ….Oh, before I sit down again, I just want to take this opportunity to let you know that I’m finally going to be promoted to senior manager as of next week!”

This is met with applause of ‘well done!’ and ‘congratulations!’ from around the table. As the friend takes his seat, another family member rises from her seat, again glass in hand proposing a toast:

“Ok guys, I wasn’t going to announce this yet but I too have some good news! I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from work, learn a new language, join a dating agency and move home.. Cheers!”

Again there is the chink of glasses and the encouraging ‘good on you!’ and ‘well done!’ coming from the table of good cheer. And in that moment you decide that perhaps you should share some good news. And so you rise to your feet with glass in hand and address your family and friends who look on with anticipation.

“While we are all sharing, I would just like to say that I have decided to grab life by the horns and live my dream of becoming financially free in the next 6 months. I’m going to quadruple my income, buy that boat I have always wanted, sail around the Caribbean and live life without regret or remorse….”

As you look around the table, you see muted smiles and soon become aware of the a lack of an applause. Unlike the first two speeches, yours is met with disbelief and an awkward silence. It wasn’t because you said it without passion or enthusiasm, it was simply shared with the wrong crowd.

As the holiday season approaches you will be spending more time with friends and family, people you love and care deeply about. Enjoy your time with them, create memories and be merry but guard your dreams when in the company of those who would rather mock and belittle rather than encourage and edify. Understand the importance of creating vital associations with people who dream as you dream and set big life-changing goals. These are the people you need to get around to support and encourage you be the best you can be.
Bev Austin

Winners attract winners.
Become the winner you are destined to be!

I wish for you Happiness Health and Wealth!!


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