Should you pay attention to Tsu?

Tsu is very hot right now.  The people there are hungry and anxious to connect and share your posts.  That is because they earn money for their involvement.

I do recommend that you join!  You should also connect with me, or join on my page.  It is completely free, and actually PAYS YOU!

We all help each other, so don’t delay.  The more people you connect with and the more active you are, you will see the little cash ticker on the top of your screen go up.

Because my Mom is so sick with cancer, I have not pushed to get new members very much.  I became ill in bed myself for about a week and am just getting going again.  A lot of my online friends have pushed really hard to sign people up. Their results are awesome.

In summary, the site is free to join and use.  You can see right away that you are earning as you connect with others and post, share, comment.  It is a WIN/WIN.


Come and check out our great program!

Designed by my good friend Pasha.  I really trust him to help us all make money!!

visit here,

We all help each other, so that everyone earns every month!!



Bruce and Sally Witt signature

Are you ready to change your life forever for the


Free coaching/support/training if you sign up under us on one or more programs!

If you are motivated and willing to do the work, we will help you!  

Free and Low Cost income programs available.



All my social networks can be found on Xeeme!  

Follow me on twitter @sallykwitt 

Empire Avenue!







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