Fun with Facts and Trivia!

Here are some fun questions to try, and the sites that they were found on!

The number next to the answer is to indicate which site the question and answer were copied from,.


Please put any additional places for fun facts and trivia in the comments section.  Thanks.


* Begun in 1992, which annual day is always celebrated in America on the 4th Thursday in April?

Take Our Daughters to work day ( #1)

* What is the diameter of the earth?

8,000 miles (#2)

* Which state does not share a border with Lake Michigan?


Ohio (#3)

*  True or false- most of the dust in your home is made of human skin?
True – up to 70%! (#4)
*  How many signers of the Declaration of Independence went on to serve as president of the United States?Two–John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. (#6)

*  Who is known as the fairy shoemaker of Ireland in Irish mythology?

The leprechaun (#7)

Some resources for facts and trivia that I like:








I hope you like the variety of questions.  It is certainly a start for you to find more.  There are some that you have to pay for, but this is a great sample of free ones.

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