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This artist lived a full and creative life with cerebral palsy.  He had a lot of speech impairment, and great difficulty with movement.  After his parents passed away, he lived and thrived in a nursing home.  They encouraged him and respected him.  He seemed happy and full of life.

When he was growing up, having a disability was not a life filled with opportunity.  It is not easy today, but so much better than it was for Paul and others of his generation.  The Americans with Disability Act was not even around before 1990.  Before that, there was no law to compel a business to have accessible parking or to protect people with a disability being discriminated against at work, and more.

Paul was even more amazing when you look at his situation in a historical perspective.  Children born with disabilities were often taken over as wards of the state and warehoused in state institutions.  I worked in some of them, and have met people who were institionalized for very mild disabilities and behavior issues in the years before 1980 or so.

Paul Smith Typewriter Artist Born in 1921 during a time when people with cerebral palsy received little support and garnered little attention from the community, Paul Smith lived a full life painting intricate pictures with what, at the time, was a common office machine – the manual typewriter.

I saw this post today and was so happy to read it.

I wanted to research Paul a bit more.  He has an amazing story and is such an inspiration.

I have found so many great websites, blog posts, and photos of his work.

Here is a picture from a Pinterest Board about his art.

Typewriter art by Paul Smith found on Pinterest


Here are some videos about his life and his work:

I hope that you enjoy Paul’s story as much as I have.


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