What’s the fuss about #EmpireAvenue and why you should come or come back??


I was a busy and successful member of Empire Avenue from almost the very start.  I loved it, it was so addictive and was a great addition to my Social Media work.  I don’t remember the dates and details, but I was in the top 10 on a few of the leader boards before I left.

The people that I met had the same passion that I did for Social Media.  I was working at the time as a Social Media consultant and trainer.  I had a long history with trends in Technology, I worked for Apple Computer in Support and Training for corporate and University clients in the mid 80’s when Steve Jobs and Guy Kawasaki were running our projects and training when we were in Cupertino, and the 1984 famous commercial was premiered at our annual sales meeting in Honolulu.  It was a magical time.

I found the same energy at Empire Avenue at the time when Linked In was growing and I had made online friends that were amazing all over the world through my friend Vincent Wright.

SALLYKWITT Empire Avenue

I became very sick, and stopped working online for about a year.  There were a few people moaning that Empire Avenue was dying and it made me very depressed.

After about a year, I realized how much I missed my friends on Empire Avenue.  I also missed the excitement of the activities even though I was not working the same way that I used to.  I found a number of the sites that I used to enjoy did “die” and go away – like Ecademy.  A lot of my friends worked really hard on networking and marketing at Ecademy and spent lots of money, and made lots of money though that network.

It was a little confusing coming back to find things had changed on Empire Avenue.  But I was so glad that it was still here.

It was fun, and a little frustrating to start again from zero.  I couldn’t possibly buy all the stock that I wanted to, I had “muscle memory” of being very wealthy here, and making lots of “eaves” every day because of the investments that I had.  I was a broke little church mouse here starting from scratch.

I was thrilled that my name was still available for my profile.  I found that so many people had no idea that I had even gone away.  That felt weird!

One of the biggest changes is that Empire Avenue is really run by volunteers now.  We have great projects and events, and it is so much fun.

Unfortunately, there are still people moaning and writing posts to say that Empire Avenue is dying.  I don’t see it.  I think it is being renewed, getting a fresh lease on life.  Changes have occured and big changes are coming.

Come check it out.

If you want a “buddy” to help you out, just ask me.  There are also lots of new tools to learn that a bunch of us contributed to under the direction of the volunteer admins.

The biggest change is the Leader’s Group.  There are spots for about 200 more, then it is closed.  I highly recommend that you join that.  It is a one time fee of $100 and you have amazing benefits.  I love it!


My profile – http://www.empireavenue.com/sallykwitt

Come check it out!

Bruce and Sally Witt




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8 thoughts on “What’s the fuss about #EmpireAvenue and why you should come or come back??

  1. Sally, I have never said EA is dying. I have said that attacks are occuring and it’s a hostile environment for some.

    I think you should see that, as I quote directly from the Leaders doing it with links and screen shots.

    Some leaders are marginalized, and false advertising was in fact allowed, and I was accused of “mission abuse” for running a mission proving that the advertisement was false.

    If they remain on that course, I think they will remain tiny and not really viable as an open to the public business, which they are.

  2. I am glad you are well and enjoy your participation. I wish they would change course and treat all their game players (customers//consumers) fairly.

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