Repost on the Scottish Referendum from Andrew Girdwood – Posted 9/16/2014

What do Scottish marketers think about the Independence Referendum?

This is a work post. This is a work overlapping with life post. Actually, it’s mind boggling to think about the scale of interests involved in this post.

I work in Edinburgh. I spend much of my time working with clients who are not in Edinburgh. The Independence Referendum has me in a spin. I thought it interesting that only a relatively small percentage of Scottish digital marketers that I know where openly talking about #IndyRef. Some are, of course, some are talking loud and clear.

Work helped me out. We’ve run a survey to ask for anonymous thoughts on the #IndyRef. This wasn’t a Yes/No survey. That happens on the 18th. We wanted to know about issues like “Brand Scotland”, how important London is to the marketing industry and what our expert contacts made of the marketing campaigns ran by both sides.

The results are in. A better analysis may follow but for now I’m just sharing the required-by-tradition infographic.

I think there are some very interesting takeaway points.

Brand Scotland is rated more highly than Brand UK. It’s fairly close but Scotland has the clear lead. Is this Scottish hubris or is this real?

Equally, Scottish marketers are inclined to agree with the Business Secretary Vince Cable when it comes to London. 60% of respondents thought London had a negative effect on the rest of the country.

What do you think?

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