You will thank us for inviting you to this Webinar!!

We highly recommend this program.

We just love The Legends Network!

They have the training and motivation to make sure that you have everything that you need to be successful!


 Join us for a LIVE webinar explaining this AMAZING, AFFORDABLE, and PROFITABLE system!

More info here –  

LIVE at times in graphic – go to


See a recorded webinar at  

(we also have a blog at, we have mutliple links!)

Legends Comp Plan (Simplified version)

Personal Referalls- 1st 2 sales $50.00 commission, after that $80.00 to Infinity

Profit Center- 2 personals who sponsor 2 creates another spot in matrix

Coded Bonuses- 1st 2 personals $30 everytime they sponsor someone to infinity

Also on Coded Bonuses- match ups from your second level also

100% matching bonuses on ALL personals

Matrix Commissions- 2×15, see diagram for levels and compensation, matrix commissions start at second month



Free coaching/support/training if you sign up under us on
one or more programs! 

Are you ready to change your life forever for the

New blog at  

If you are motivated and willing to do the work, we will
help you!  


All my social networks can be found on Xeeme!  

Follow me on twitter @sallykwitt 

Empire Avenue!


Want to work with us
and make money from home for a change?

We are looking to work
with an exceptional network marketer that is looking for a new challenge with
one of the best comp plans on the market. You can work this with your other
business(es) or just build this biz alone. Send a private message now!

We want to help you
reach YOUR dreams and goals for income online! We think that Working @ Home is
the SMART way to success! 


Bruce and Sally K Witt

home office (267) 209-0558



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